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Introducing SchoolActs™ Academic Portal

Posted in: News on: 02 January, 2017
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As schools resume nationwide for another academic term, Educators all over the world focus on improved methods of teaching and learning experience using several available educational / ICT tools. Two of such tools have proven to be highly effective and worldwide research has shown that these tools can lead to improved student learning and better teaching methods.

One of such tool is called Academic Tools (Teaching/Learning Tools) and the other Administrative Tools.

  1. Academic Tools (Teaching/Learning Tools) – As the name implies; they are ICT tools used to enhance teaching experience, research and students’ learning processes.
  2. Administrative Tools – on the other hand are ICT tools used to effortlessly manage the operation of school activities. It is primarily developed to aid efficient management of daily administrative tasks carried out in schools.

One main example of an administrative tool is the Education Management Information System (EMIS), and a typical model is the SchoolActs™ Portal developed by us.

SchoolActs™ is an academic portal application that simplifies school day-to-day activities for Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools in Nigeria and beyond.

SchoolActs convey almost all the physical tasks carried out in school administration into an easier, safer, and a more accessible form online, thereby reducing the need for paper work, and massive physical file storage.

In addition, it eradicates absolutely challenges faced by School Administrators, as well as Teachers by efficiently managing staff/students record, processing and computation of result, report sheet generation and more.

"...with SchoolActs™, teacher's job ends at the point of entering students' scores"

Records on SchoolActs are stored in a secured database online which can be accessed anytime and from anywhere via various electronic gadgets such as smart phones, tablet devices, desktop and laptop computers.

SchoolActs with its easy-to-use interface requires little or no prior knowledge of complex computing task.

SchoolActs™ development was subjected to operation research and findings across selected Nursery/Primary and Secondary Schools in Nigeria.

Key Features of SchoolActs™

  • Students and Staff profile management
  • Result processing, computation and grading
  • Report sheet generation
  • Fee/finance management
  • Statistical report and summary
  • Online messaging and communication
  • Interactive forum and discussion board – for students
  • Take home assignment and submission by students
  • Study centre – equipped with Digital library and e-dictionary
  • Schedule of general announcement and notices
  • Students birthday reminder and notifications
  • Parental access and monitoring platform
  • Alumni/graduates record archive and retrieval
  • Staff: role, class and subject allocation
  • User-friendly documentation
  • Secured user access; plus more…

SchoolActs™ is available for subscription on per Term or per Sessional basis and also, with full integration to existing school website.

Further details available here: